Sweet Heat Relief: 5 Destinations Keeping Temperatures Cool

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s easy to pine for warm weather in the dead of winter — but it becomes much harder to appreciate the heat once your thermometer tops 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Every summer, unforgiving humidity descends upon many cities in the U.S., leaving millions of bad hair days in its wake. We can’t change the weather, unfortunately — but we can escape it. These five destinations have milder summer climates to offer, and are all just a flight or a road trip away.

1. San Francisco, California

With its consistently mild year-round temperatures, San Francisco is an excellent choice for a vacation destination, regardless of season. This bay city’s weather can be an especially welcoming environment for those people suffering from sweltering and humid summer temperatures. By this measure, San Francisco is a paradise. According to Smarter Travel, the average temperature in San Francisco through July and August is 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

While you’re in the city, take advantage of the ideal outdoor conditions by visiting several of its celebrated parks. Golden Gate Park was once a famous hippie destination and continues to be a favorite for picnickers. Nearby, Alamo Square is host to the gorgeous Painted Ladies — a row of elegant and colorful row houses, including one of Full House fame.

This famously hilly city will give your glutes a workout, but it is well worth exploring on foot. Be sure to head to the piers for an impressive view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t forget to wave hello to the sea lions at Pier 39 — but skip the tourist traps dotting the area!