Time to Tone: The All-in-One Yoga Routine

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Sometimes you just want a workout that does it all. You don’t want to do cardio one day only to have to go back to the gym the next day to work in some weightlifting — then on the following day, getting to a studio to practice a few of your yoga poses. Instead, why can’t there just be one workout that can combines the three? Great news — there is a workout like that available. The following fitness routines are a combination of yoga, cardio, and weights for the ultimate toning workout.

“Combining fast-paced movements with the added resistance of weights gives poses much more muscle carving and calorie burning power,” Erin Jacques, a co-founder of SLT Yoga, told Fitness. Ready to join in and blast fat? Try any of these three great routines.

About the Workout

Yoga that incorporates weightlifting can do a lot more for you than simply toning your muscles. According to Yoga Journal, using weights in your workout can help awaken some of your deep core muscles, helping to support your spine. In addition to helping your body maintain its muscle mass, it can also help with building up your bone density and improving your balance.

Yoga practices, such as breathing, can help you maintain your breath and stay focused when you’re lifting weights, which has the potential to let you push yourself even further during your workouts. When you’re incorporating the two, always hone in on your breathing. “I integrate the principles of vinyasa into weightlifting. There’s a time to inhale and a time to exhale. If you’re doing a biceps curl, you inhale to prepare; then you exhale as you curl your arm toward you. Take another breath in, and then exhale again as you lower your arm slowly,” Amy Ippoliti, a yoga instructor, told Yoga Journal.