Try 6 of Tyler Florence’s Favorite Foods With These Recipes

Tyler Florence has spent over a decade hosting cooking shows, traveling the world, writing cookbooks, and racking up an impressive celebrity chef resume. One perk of his job is that he gets to travel, sampling some of the best food around the country and around the world. With those kinds of accolades, when Tyler Florence sits down on Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate, you can be pretty confident that whatever dish he is about to describe will be mouthwateringly delicious. We’ve found recipes for six of those dishes, and you won’t want to hesitate to try them.



1. Buena Vista’s Irish Coffee 

Buena Vista claims responsibility for popularizing this boozy caffeinated beverage, and on its website, the process is explained for how to brew your own version at home. The instructions are useful, but goes a step further with the ratios needed to serve one. For even more tips on how to get it just right, you can check out One Thing New.


  • 6 ounces brewed coffee
  • 2 sugar cubes
  • 1½ ounces Irish whiskey (one jigger)
  • heavy cream, lightly whipped

Directions: Fill glass with very hot water to pre-heat, then empty. Pour hot coffee into hot glass until it is about three-quarters full. Drop in two cocktail sugar cubes. Stir until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Add full jigger of Irish Whiskey for proper taste and body. Top with a collar of whipped cream by pouring gently over a spoon. Enjoy it while piping hot.