Underwater Wonders: 7 Dives that Reveal Worlds Beneath the Waves

Source: ssr, Wikimedia Commons

Source: ssr, Wikimedia Commons

From World War II shipwrecks to hallucinogenic coral formations and surreal sink holes, the world beneath the waves is a marine life fantasia and an eerie repository of history’s less than stellar moments. As with most travel hotspots, when it comes to diving adventures ‘best’ is a relative term. For some, it’s being immersed in the untold beauty of tropical waters awash with exuberant coral, goatfish, bumphead parrot fish, batfish, and anemones, for others it’s the adrenaline-infused adventure of a shark dive, the challenge of a vertical wall dive or the ethereal calm of a night dive.

Whatever it is that rocks your boat, here’s a rundown of some of the world’s epic diving spots.

Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

Praised by novice and veteran scuba fanatics alike, the Southern Sinai Peninsula of the Red Sea offers that perfect marriage of clear water and mile after mile of kaleidoscopic coral and dramatic rock formations which support an abundance of marine life. With water temperatures averaging 79 degrees Fahrenheit, you can shed the neoprene and explore more than twenty world-class dive sites, including a vertical wall dive at Shark Reef and World War II ship wrecks. The British transport ship, SS Thistlegorm, which was sunk in 1941, is the world’s most popular wreck dive. Star fish, barracuda, whales, and sharks cruise around rusty torpedoes and armored cars and trucks, while divers negotiate the hole blasted in the merchant ship’s flank by a German bomb.