7 Delicious Ways to Pack Protein Into Oatmeal

Healthy breakfast oatmeal porridge

Oatmeal can be packed with plenty of flavors and protein. | iStock.com

While oatmeal may bring you memories of mornings before high school or all-nighters in college when those small packet of quick oats and water were enough to keep you satisfied, those days are most likely over. Today, you’re probably looking for a breakfast (or late-night snack) that will both satisfy your hunger and keep you energized through tough workouts or long work days. Revamping your traditional oatmeal into a meal that’s high in protein is an easy and nutritious way to keep you fueled.

Throw away any of those old oatmeal packets and buy a large container of rolled oats instead — this will ensure that you can build your oats from the ground up using only the best ingredients for your body. Once you’ve got your basics, you’ll want to take a look at these seven ways that you can sneak protein into your oatmeal to ensure that your breakfast has as much muscle-building power as possible.

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