7 Ways to Make Cinnamon Rolls Even Better

Cinnamon rolls are one of life’s greatest pleasures. They’re soft pillows of sweet, rich, yeasted dough spiraled around a buttery, spiced filling and topped with sticky, sugary goodness. These buns are not those buns. These buns are for the people who just can’t leave well enough alone. These buns are for the adrenaline junkies, the tinkerers, the over-the-top decadence seekers. These are cinnamon buns on steroids; they’re for when you need a little excitement in your life. From tweaking the filling to enhancing the dough, from little changes to big leaps of delicious faith, these 7 cinnamon buns are even better than the old standby. Try something exciting. Make these buns.

1. Nutella Cinnamon Rolls With Vanilla Glaze

cinnamon rolls

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You could look at these cinnamon rolls from Averie Cooks in one of two ways. You could stand there and sneer because cinnamon rolls are not meant to be made with tubed crescent roll dough, and how dare we suggest you blaspheme your kitchen with such nonsense. Or you could look at this recipe and say holy cow, I could have cinnamon rolls slathered with Nutella and dusted with cinnamon and drizzled with vanilla glaze in 20 minutes start to finish. Seriously. When you get to the end of this article and you’ve drooled over 6 other recipes, come back and tell this one that you’re going to wait 5 hours to make your dough from scratch.



  • 1 (8-count) can refrigerated crescent rolls
  • About ⅔ cup Nutella
  • At least 1 tablespoon cinnamon


  • 2 to 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¾ cup confectioners’ sugar
  • Splash of cream or milk


See recipe directions at Averie Cooks

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