7 Superb Ways to Use Accidentally Vegan Foods

Sticking with a vegan diet may appear tricky, but many grocers and markets carry a surprisingly wide selection of delicious, vegan-friendly foods — and sometimes, you may not even realize it! Some of the best snacks on store shelves are what PETA calls “accidentally vegan”: not specifically created with a vegan diet in mind, but able to be enjoyed by individuals adhering to a vegan diet (and, of course, everybody else).

Take a look at the following 7 surprisingly vegan foods and learn how you can use these ingredients the next time inspiration strikes in the kitchen.

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Vegans, rejoice! Oreo cookies may not seem to fit a vegan diet, but they are, in fact, completely free of animal byproducts. Take advantage of that fact by whipping up a Vegan Dirt Cake, compliments of Minimalist Baker. Sweetened cocoa milk makes a lovely, lush base for the delicious cookie-and-cream flavor of your favorite snack. The dish can also be served frozen.