6 Muscle Cars That Everyone Wants No Matter the Cost

several muscle cars race outside of town

Muscle cars racing | Source: Car and Driver

Nothing ignites the adrenal glands while sitting in the driver’s seat like an American muscle car. Powerful engines. Masculine body designs. High-performance driving. Plenty of enjoyment waits to be had on the open road. Muscle cars have gained popularity in recent years, but how are cash-strapped Americans affording them?

According to a recent analysis from Experian, new registrations of American muscle cars jumped 35.4% over the past nine years. That’s an impressive growth rate considering the attention given to fuel efficiency these days. Unsurprisingly, Texas was the biggest fan. Residents were 79% more likely to buy American muscle than consumers in other areas of the country. The next highest-ranking states were Oklahoma (75%), Louisiana (67%), and New Mexico (63%).

“The love of the Mustang combined with the reintroduction of the Camaro, Challenger, and Charger has sparked a resurgence of the muscle car,” said Brad Smith, Experian’s director of automotive statistics, in a press statement. “While the growing popularity might run contrary to conventional wisdom, consumers are continuing to show their appreciation for a part of American history and not steering away from raw horsepower to focus solely on fuel efficiency.”

Let’s take a look at the most popular muscle cars based on new registrations and how people are paying for them. Undoubtedly, some car enthusiasts will disagree with what classifies as a true muscle car these days, but let’s at least agree these six cars will turn heads.