6 Crazy Things Rich People Actually Spent Money On

Expensive luxury cars in different colors

Rich people’s luxury cars | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

More money, more problems – if hangars filled with luxury cars can be considered a “problem.” The world’s wealthiest people live on a different strata than the rest of us, in a number of ways. While some – like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and even Mark Zuckerberg – have initiated processes to give back through different means, most of the world’s super-rich live lives of untold luxury. Private planes, personal chefs, and carefree days spent on tropical beaches. It’s a life most yearn for, but very few will ever taste.

And how they get there, these days anyway, more or less follows a blueprint. Many of today’s new super-rich are amassing their fortunes through innovation and new, disruptive business models. They’re coming from emerging markets, where opportunity abounds, and operating costs are lower. They’re living out ‘”rags to riches” type stories – as opposed to the old guard, which inherited their money, or achieved through political or family connections.

But for those who have managed to come into tremendous wealth, no matter the means, there are certain ways in which that money is spent (or in which that wealth is displayed, rather) that are, simply put, over the top. Again, most of us would be happy with a new car, a house, and some exotic vacations. Yet, there are those out there who seem to want to literally buy up governments, construct palaces, or even create entire communities for themselves. It’s a bit Colonel Kurtzish.

Here are a handful of those purchases and displays.

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