10 As Seen On TV Products That May Just Be Worth Their Price

hand reaching for the off button on a remote to turn off the TV

Some products you see on TV might actually be worth it | iStock.com

For only $9.99 (plus processing and handling) you can get the magic stain remover. But wait, there’s more: Call or click now and we’ll double the offer. Two magic stain removers, plus a free gift, all for the low, low price of $9.99 (plus another $9.99 in processing and handling). Sound familiar?

When you’re sitting in your living room watching TV and these commercials play, it’s easy to become intrigued. “Will that product really make it so I can lift 1,000 pounds?” “Will I really have silky smooth hair?”

While some As Seen On TV products are completely worthless and are nothing more than clever marketing gimmicks, others actually do what they claim. In 2008, a blanket with sleeves showed up on one of these commercials. Although many laughed at the product, it actually worked, and quickly became a $500 million product. Today, we all know this product as the Snuggie.

Some of these infomercial products will save you time, make life easier, and are all-around solid products. This list of As Seen On TV products are all items you can purchase at or below the $20 price point. We consider them worth the price based on buyer reviews, our own reviews, and also based on price comparisons.

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