10 Lies Really Successful People Love to Tell

Have you ever looked at successful people and wondered what they do differently? How did they get to the level of success they enjoy today? If you stopped to chat with one of these super successes, they’ll probably just hand you a canned response, such as, “I just got lucky.”

But what you might not know is some of what Mr. and Ms. Successful tell you is a lie. That neighbor you’ve been quietly envying is just really good at keeping up appearances. But The Cheat Sheet is here to pull back the curtain and decode what successful people really mean when they feed you their one-liners. Here are 10 lies really successful people tell to average Americans.

1. Things just fell into place

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Successful people set goals and then put plans in place to reach them. | iStock.com/nensuria

Nothing just “falls into place.” You have to do a bit of work behind the scenes for things to run smoothly, whether it’s in your professional or personal life. Successful people set goals and then put plans in place, so they can reach those goals. John Addison, the leadership editor for Success and author of Real Leadership, said in his column that successful people tend to set daily goals, not just one long-term goal.

What you do today greatly affects whether or not you will achieve your future dreams. You have to intentionally design each and every day in a way that leads to getting things done that will maximize your results. That does not mean being busy every minute of the day for the sake of being busy. That means knowing what is important and focusing on those things.

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