Top 10 Dog Breeds That No Insurance Company Wants to Cover

'Cujo' is dangerous, but some dog breeds tend to produce more dangerous dogs

‘Cujo’ is dangerous, but some dog breeds tend to produce more dangerous dogs | Warner Bros.

When choosing from the multitude of dog breeds out there, it can be difficult to find all of the attributes you want in a loving pet in one animal. We all want something relatively cute and cuddly, and of course friendly, stalking our homes and yards. Some dog breeds fit that description perfectly. But there are dangerous dogs out there too — some which have possibly earned the label unfairly, but the call of the wild still clearly exists in many dog breeds.

Dangerous dogs are relatively uncommon, all things considered. Sure, you’ll hear about the occasional dog attack here and there, but given how many dogs Americans have as pets — roughly 70-80 million — running into dangerous dogs isn’t much of a concern. But if you want to get your pet insured? Well, owning certain dog breeds can then become an issue.

Insurance and “dangerous dogs”

Pet insurance may or may not be worth the money, but for many pet owners, it provides a peace of mind. Flying with a pet can be dangerous, as can many household items that can kill your furry buddy. Insurance can help alleviate some of the worry associated with these dangers.

But insurance companies don’t love all dog breeds and have labeled several types as “dangerous dogs” that they don’t want to cover. Is your dog one of those breeds? Here are 10 of the most common dogs that many insurance companies don’t want to cover. The last dog breed continues to have a stigma attached to it, despite campaigns to change people’s perceptions.

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