Famous and Frugal: 15 Celebrities Who Are Tight With Money

Celebrity Leonardo Dicaprio holds up a bill in "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio holds up a bill in The Wolf of Wall Street — a movie that’s about everything except living a frugal life. | Paramount Pictures

When Good Charlotte wrote their hit song “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” they probably didn’t do so with a vision of world-famous actresses rifling through bargain bins at Ross in their heads. Instead, they (who are all now rich and famous, too) were calling attention to the Malibu mansions, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and million-dollar sitcom contracts and syndication deals. But even among the rich and famous celebrities, there are those who are exceedingly frugal.

For example, did you know many multi-millionaires simply can’t let go of their couponing habits? Or that tech billionaires still like to argue with hotels regarding in-room charges? Some famous athletes refuse to tip servers. It seems a bit strange — having all the money in the world but remaining so stingy with it.

Being frugal does have its advantages. And for some people, frugality has proven to be a way that actually paves the road to a better life. Many celebrities, though rich now, grew up under drastically different conditions. Keeping that in mind, perhaps their stinginess is a deep-rooted way of making sure they don’t return to their roots.

So, who are some of these people? They include actors, athletes, and business icons. Frugality knows no bounds, as you’ll see on the following pages. Here are 15 celebrities who are famously tight with their money, starting with one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

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