7 Foolish Mistakes Too Many People Make When Looking for a Job

Charlie from <em>It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia</em> attends a job interview.

Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia attends a job interview. | FX

You’ve been in the middle of a job search for weeks, maybe even months, and now the perfect job has appeared. As you read the job description, your heart leaps with excitement while you go through your mental checklist, realizing you fit everything the hiring managers are asking for. You’re the perfect candidate, and you know it. You just need to let your potential employer know it, too.

Before you start planning what you’ll wear on your first day at work, make sure you’re not doing anything that could hurt your chances of moving through the job hunt and interview process. There are many opportunities to mess up, and here are seven foolish mistakes too many people make when looking for a job. The second mistake is simple to avoid, and it can help separate you from the rest of the candidates, so you get the job.

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