4 Gross Things Restaurants Do to Save Money

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Water glasses at a restaurant | iStock.com

When most people go out to eat, they expect an establishment to prepare their food in a manner that’s representative of the restaurant’s reputation and price point. If you pay $20 or $30 for a meal, you probably expect it to be prepared carefully and with quality ingredients, whereas if you pay three bucks for a meal, you may expect a few shortcuts here and there. But, at the end of the day, even if restaurants microwave nacho cheese sauce or prepare a few ingredients in advance, the meal should still be delicious (and safe) — no matter how much it costs.

But if you have any experience working in the restaurant business, you know that restaurants — as profit-generating businesses — place a great deal of effort into reducing their costs. And, some of these cost reduction tactics are not exactly, well, appetizing to say the least.

Using a publication by The Guardian, our own personal experiences, and information we gathered from current restaurant workers, we’ve created a list of things some restaurants do to save money that they would never advertise on their menus.

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