10 High Paying Jobs That People Don’t Want Anymore

Charlie from 'Always Sunny' tries crab fishing -- one of our dirty high paying jobs

Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tries crab fishing — one of our dirty high paying jobs | Source: FX

Listening to certain political and media figures, you’d think that the United States is experiencing economic strife on the same level as Greece or Spain. While there are definitely some economic issues to contend with, by and large, America is doing well. Unemployment is at manageable levels (though there are things to be concerned about, like labor participation rates), and there are plenty of opportunities out there¬†if you know where to look. Often, people don’t look for certain gigs because they’re considered dirty jobs — even though they are relatively high paying jobs as well.

One of the biggest issues with the labor market is that there are jobs nobody wants. This was something touched on during our interview with Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe, who told The Cheat Sheet that there are more than enough jobs available to American workers — they just need to be willing to take them.

High paying, dirty jobs that nobody wants

Why won’t Americans work some of these jobs, you ask? Well, in many cases, they’re dangerous, dirty, and don’t command a lot of respect. You aren’t going to dazzle your friends or family by choosing some of these career paths, and for a lot of people, that’s a very important element of a chosen trade. In other words, you’ll be doing the dirty work, and won’t realize a lot of the glory or clout that comes along with other trades or careers.

Even so, there are high paying careers out there that are rife with opportunity. We’ve listed some of them — which combine high pay and low participation rates. If you want a high paying job, and one that you actually have a good chance of landing, here are 10¬†career paths to check out.

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