Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts That Everyone Should Know

Jean Ralphio from 'Parks and Recreation' fumbles a job interview

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from Parks and Recreation fumbles a job interview | Source: NBC

A job interview can be the most challenging part of an employment search. While you can do almost everything else — writing up a resume, crafting a cover letter, and looking at job postings — from the safety and security of your home, actually putting yourself together and meeting with a potential employer is tough. It’s stressful, unpredictable, and there are all kinds of things that can go wrong.

With that in mind, you should do everything you can to go in prepared. Being prepared doesn’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly or that you’ll walk out with an offer, but if you’ve ever tried to “wing it” or go in without proper prep, you know how deep you can get in before ultimately walking away embarrassed and humbled. So, take the time to do some homework before the job interview.

Acing your job interview

There is no blueprint for acing a job interview, unfortunately. Each interview will be different, and you’ll be meeting with new people each time; some tough, some pushovers. But you should know the basics — what to wear, what questions to ask, and what you absolutely should or should not do during your time with a hiring manager.

Here is a brief overview of those dos and don’ts.

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