Job Stability? 5 Types of Employees That Companies Don’t Want Anymore

Interns can be office heroes

A seemingly heroic employee | 20th Century Fox

Are you a hard worker? Are you loyal? That’s great, but those attributes don’t necessarily mean you’ll stay employed (or even get a new job). In the modern work world, it takes more than just proving you’ll stay put; you have to actually prove your worth to your employer. Know that there are certain types of employees companies don’t value as much as before. If you’re one of these types of workers, beware — you may have a hard time getting ahead. Here are five types of employees companies don’t want anymore.

1. The flat liner

When you first started working for your company you had plenty of goals and fresh ideas. Now, all you want to do is get your check and go home. You’re either suffering from burnout, tired, or just don’t care anymore. It’s time to start caring. If you don’t get some motivation and develop ways to contribute to the company, your employer may eventually show you the door.

Management expert Jeff Schmitt said this type of employee has simply stopped trying to learn. “We’ve all worked with them. They’re just there, biding their time and collecting a check. No goals. No plan. No purpose. Years ago, they were among the young Turks who begged for more responsibility. Now, they’ve mentally checked out … No, they’re not introverts who mask their passions. They’re simply employees who quit learning and getting better,” said Schmitt.

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