6 Types of Jobs That Require Good Credit

Lloyd Christmas from 'Dumb and Dumber' making bad financial decisions, which hurt is credit score and would make him look bad during a credit check

Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber making bad financial decisions, which hurt his credit report and would make him look bad during a credit check | New Line Cinema

A lot of people would be surprised to learn that their credit report can impede their professional ambitions. If you were on the job hunt, would you break into a cold sweat the second a phone screener or HR rep mentioned the words “credit check”? A lot of people would, and unfortunately, a lot of employers have decided that credit checks and a thorough vetting of candidates’ credit reports are integral to the hiring process. The worst part? It ends up costing people jobs.

While it’s understandable, in some situations, to want to vet a candidate’s financial prowess and background, in most cases, a credit check is an exercise in futility. In the same way that background checks can turn up bad or wrong information about a job seeker, a bad credit report can all but disqualify an otherwise perfect candidate — even if the position has little or nothing to do with creditworthiness.

Your credit report and getting hired

Attaining and keeping a good-looking credit report isn’t easy, but there are methods and strategies you can use to accomplish it. The problem is, there are things that can happen that can all but destroy it in short order. A catastrophic injury, divorce, or any other number of things can impact your finances, and you can have little control over the outcomes in the short-term. When that becomes problematic is when it ends up costing you career opportunities down the line.

What jobs and career paths specifically do a credit check, or look for an unblemished credit report? Here are a handful.