No Praise at Work? 5 Reasons Why Good Employees Are Ignored

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A frustrated employee wonders where his praise is. |

Are you the “good” employee? Do you perform your job well but receive little back in terms of praise and rewards? If you can’t seem to figure out why you keep getting passed over for raises, promotions, and other perks your co-workers seem to get, the problem could be your behavior (unless you have a boss who just doesn’t like you).

If your boss is ignoring you, workplace expert Lynn Taylor advises not to get caught up in a cycle of worry. “When your manager ignores you, the lack of response can make you fall into a cascade of wasteful worries: Does he or she dislike what I submitted … my work in general? Is my job on the line? What might this mean to my financial stability?” Taylor said in her Psychology Today column.

Instead of getting wrapped up in a ball of anxiety, step back and examine your work interactions. Here are some reasons you might be getting ignored at work.

1. You wait to be noticed

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Bringing awareness to your work is OK. |

You can’t do a terrific job and then sit back and wait for someone to take notice. Sometimes, you have to make a little noise, so your co-workers — and more importantly your boss — realize how much you contribute to the team. If you’re a good employee, make a point to toot your own horn once in a while. If you’re worried about being obnoxious, just steer clear of bragging or mentioning accomplishments too often.

When self-promotion is done the right way, it can yield great results for your career and paycheck. In addition, access to opportunities could depend on your ability to promote yourself, said Cynthia Thomas Calvert, president of Workforce 21C.

“The issue of self-promotion is huge because it affects not just advancement and compensation, but also opportunities, mentoring relationships, assignments, and evaluations,” Calvert told

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