15 Retirement Statistics That Will Make You Feel Better About Life

The daily grind is hard enough. That we know. And trying to save enough money for a comfortable retirement can be difficult among other financial priorities. In case you’ve been feeling a little blue about your retirement future, we have a few statistics that might put a little pep back in your step.

Let’s remove that dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over our retirement plans and shed some positive light on a few noteworthy points. Get out of that hole you crawled into, and read these 15 retirement facts that will restore your faith in an attainable life of leisure.

1. Old age doesn’t begin until 74

Two senior gentlemen holding several stacks of money

“Old age” just got an entirely new definition. | iStock.com/Ljupco

Have you heard the good news? You’re not old — yet. In fact, you won’t be old until you hit age 74. Many might have previously categorized those 65 and beyond as “old,” but new research more accurately defines old age as having 15 or fewer years left to live. Average life expectancy today predicts we’ll live into our 90s, so experts feel comfortable officially labeling you old at 74. This means you’ll have more time to invest in your health, enjoy your family, and save for retirement.

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