5 Side Jobs That Can Help You Earn Extra Cash

Earn extra cash as a dog walker

Earn extra cash as a dog walker | iStock.com

Very rarely does one find a career at a young age and work only that career for the rest of their life. The average American baby boomer has held 11.3 jobs from age 18 to age 46, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Given a large amount of American workers appear to have skills in more than one trade, picking up a second job is fairly common.

Whether a single job simply does not pay enough to cover expenses or you are looking to gather additional income for college, a home, or a car, a side job is a solution you may turn to. Census data indicates that around 7.6 million workers are moonlighters, holding down more than one occupation. Most of these workers have a full-time “day job,” and then a part-time job as well.

You hear about the full-time teacher who waitresses in the evenings or the administrative assistant who tends bar at night. Considering the median pay for waitresses is $8.92 per hour and you may have to work late shifts, this type job may or may not be what you’re looking for to cover your expenses. Some side jobs, however, do offer a fairly decent pay rate, while still offering part-time or flexible hours and allowing time for another full-time gig.

1. Grocery shopper

Grocery shopping services like Peapod continue to pop up all over the country and some grocery stores now offer delivery services. Many people don’t have time to grocery shop and some simply dislike the chore and are willing to pay someone else to do it. To get started, you can either seek part-time employment at an already established business or you can start your own with little investment cost. Talk to friends and neighbors and distribute a few flyers around town. According to one estimate, the hourly pay for a grocery shopper is around $27 per hour.