16 Things You Can’t Afford to Ignore When Buying a Home

Watching even one hour of HGTV will teach you no one’s home-buying process is ever the same. Roadblocks and insane setbacks when buying a home can appear without warning and ruin even the most seemingly open-and-shut cases.

The housing market is ultra competitive, and first-time house hunters might feel pressure to put money down on the spot. Even those of you brave enough to tackle a fixer-upper should take the time to carefully examine every detail before you buy. For instance, you and your inspector might uncover costly repairs that’ll punish your bank account or hinder your resale. Regardless, it’s best to face these challenges head-on before it’s too late.

So before channeling your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines and diving into home ownership, know the potential cost of overlooking certain home elements. Here are 16 things you can’t afford to ignore when buying a home.

1. Bad school systems

couple move their things after buying a home

Evaluate the local schools when buying a home. | iStock.com/SolisImages

Buyers looking to get the most bang for their buck should evaluate the nearby school systems — family in tow or not. According to a Realtor.com survey, about 91% of house hunters consider schools to be an important factor when buying a home. What’s more is the majority of those surveyed are willing to pay more on a home in a good school district, even if that means sacrificing another key wish-list item. So those thinking about buying in a mediocre school district might want to reassess their financial investment.

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