Looking for a New Job? 5 Things Every Employer Wants

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Trying to find a job is something we all encounter at some point. Perhaps you’re looking for that first real job to start your career, or you’re searching for a new job in order to get a big raise you deserve. Either way, you need to know what employers want in a job applicant so you make yourself as attractive as possible and get that prized job offer.

Everybody seems to be looking for another job these days. According to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, more than 3 in 4 full-time employed workers are either actively looking or open to new job opportunities. Millennials are often the poster child for today’s job-hopping phenomenon. Deloitte finds 64% of American millennials, the largest segment of the workforce, expect to leave their current employer within the next five years. Across the globe, only 16% of millennials see themselves with their current employers a decade from now.

What does this all mean for your job hunt? Competition. The more people looking for jobs, the more important it is for you to stand out. There are nearly 6 million job openings in the United States, but you can expect competition at every decent-paying job. With the help of Glassdoor and CareerBuilder, let’s take a look at five things every employer wants in a job candidate.

1. Integrity

Good character is a quality valued by every employer. When a job interviewer asks you to explain a time when you failed, it’s not because he wants to know what you did wrong in the past so he feels better about himself. Instead, he wants to know how you handle defeat. The interviewer is trying to judge your ability to recognize your mistakes and see what you do to correct them. Do you give up at the first sign of trouble, or do you pull a Lebron James and fight your way back for a win? Be ready to explain how you came up with a solution to a previous obstacle.

“Integrity is a necessary quality for long-term success both inside and outside of the workplace,” explains Heather Huhman from Glassdoor. “Where work is concerned, it means being able to take accountability for the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Mistakes happen, and the sooner you own up to them, the sooner you can learn from them. Show you have what it takes: Don’t be afraid to discuss a past defeat during the job interview. In fact, look for opportunities to discuss it with potential employers. After all, employers aren’t looking for perfection, they’re looking for someone they can trust to get the job done and who wants grow with the company.”

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