10 Times John Oliver Protected Your Money

John Oliver

John Oliver forgiving medical debt | HBO

It’s not often a TV celebrity will end up teaching you something as you watch. Unless you’re picking up catfight tips from The Real Housewives of Orange County, of course. However, John Oliver spends most segments of his satirical news show — Last Week Tonight on HBO — attempting to educate viewers about a number of issues. Some of them include exposés on FIFA scandals and Miss America pageants, and plenty have been about Donald Trump in the past year. But an overwhelming amount also have to do with our wallets.

In fact, Oliver’s segments about everything from the IRS and student loans to shady auto lenders are the reason Oliver was named the “Money Champion of the Year” at the end of 2016 by Time’s MONEY publication. It might seem unfortunate that the person who championed your money the most in the past year was a comedian on HBO, except for the fact that Oliver and his staff do such a remarkable job of covering complex financial issues that otherwise cause us to glaze over immediately.

Because really, who wants to spend 20 minutes talking about the Internal Revenue Service — aside from complaining about your tax bill? Oliver manages to do so, all while making you realize that funding issues might solve some of your IRS complaints. (The tax bill is still on you, unfortunately.)

Are you still not buying that Oliver can teach you something about your finances in his 30-minute show? Take a look at the following ten segments, where Oliver broke down a financial issue to make you a smarter consumer.

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