15 Tools You Should Be Using to Find a Job But Probably Aren’t

hire me written on a chalkboard

To find the perfect job, you need to think beyond the obvious. | iStock.com/flytosky11

You have an updated LinkedIn profile, have set up alerts from job-search aggregators, such as Indeed.com, and have a profile on job sites, such as Monster or CareerBuilder. But you have a nagging sense you could be doing more when it comes to job hunting. You’re right.

Popular services, such as LinkedIn, are fine tools to have in your job-search arsenal, but they’re not enough on their own. Every job seeker in the world is aware of them, so it’s hard to stand out in the crowd of people all yelling, “Hire me!” Plus, there’s a lot of noise on those sites. Sure, you’ll get messages from clueless recruiters who clearly haven’t looked at your resume, and you’ll see ads for jobs that sound too good to be true (because they are). But finding a real job in your field is a challenge.

Smart job seekers know to go beyond the obvious tools to find the perfect position. They’re clued in to their specific industry’s job boards, staffing agencies, and professional associations. They’re also doing all the other things career experts suggest they do, including networking and updating their resumes to building an online portfolio to show off their work.

But even the savviest of job seekers can’t always keep up with all the different career resources out there. To give your job hunt a boost, check out these 15 underrated job-search tools, which might help you find the perfect career.

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