Worst Customer Service? 11 Crazy Stories of Comcast Screwing Over Customers

Comcast service vans

Comcast service vans | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Comcast has a terrible track record with customer service. The horror stories flew in fast and furious for a few years, causing Consumerist to name Comcast the worst company in America for 2014. Since then, things haven’t gotten much better.

Recording and sharing your customer service experience is one way to gain leverage with the company, or you could always call up the CEO’s mom and shame the guy, as Philly.com columnist Ronnie Polaneczky did. After all, the technicians themselves aren’t to blame. Comcast employees suffer through these horrors as well, facing enormous pressure to make sales.

Consumerist has since stopped naming the worst company of the year, but it’s safe to say that Comcast’s reputation hasn’t improved much since then. The 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index shows that while Comcast has made modest gains in customer rankings in the past few years, it’s nowhere near the top of the pack. The telecommunications giant moved up a few spots for its cable service, but, unsurprisingly, people are still miffed about the quality of service from call centers. Comcast ranks incredibly poorly for its internet service, and ties for dead last with Spectrum for landlines — although that disgruntled population is shrinking rapidly.

The worst part of all this? Even if you’re able to switch your service from the company, chances are your alternatives aren’t much better. Cable TV and internet companies rank as the two worst industries for customer satisfaction — lower than health insurance companies, insurance firms, airlines, and the postal service.

When you’re as profitable as Comcast, customer satisfaction and reasonable employee policies are mere trifles compared to the ongoing expansion of its billion-dollar empire. Case in point: The 11 horror stories we’ve dug up for you are just a few of the recurring issues customers face when they have to dial up Comcast’s customer service line.

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