10 Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine and Save Money

Women's hands with a red manicure

You can easily give yourself a manicure. | iStock.com/iprogressman

Self-care is all the rage, but there can come a point when treating yourself right comes at the expense of caring for your bank account. Massages, gym memberships, haircuts, yoga classes, makeup, and other “essentials” add up. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself drowning in debt — and no miracle cream is going to fix the wrinkles that come with a major financial crisis.

Is it possible to balance your desire to look and feel good with your need to stay solvent? Definitely. The key is spending money on the stuff that matters and skipping all the things that don’t. It also means resisting the sometimes intense pressure to drop big bucks on beauty products and treatments, especially when they’re not necessarily right for you. If you’re searching for ways to cut your personal care budget, look no further. Here are 10 easy ways to simplify your beauty routine to save money.

1. DIY your manicure

A manicure can cost anywhere from $10 at a budget nail salon to $45 at a fancy spa, according to CostHelper, while pedicures run between $15 and $45. You could easily spend several hundred dollars a year if you’re getting your nails done once or twice a month.

To save money, consider scaling back your visits or only getting pedicures in the summer months, when people actually see your feet. Or, go the DIY route. Check out this guide to the at-home manicure to find out what you need to do to get salon-quality nails in the comfort of your own home.

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