Worst Customer Service: 5 Companies People Hate Calling

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Preparing to call customer service? Brace yourself if you’re a customer of one of these five companies | Source: Thinkstock

Nothing’s worse than something going wrong and realizing you’ll have to call a company that you absolutely hate to talk to. These companies have no clue how to treat customers, you think to yourself. Do these people hate their jobs? Why is it my fault? How the heck are they in business!

Time and time again, it seems like the same companies appear on review websites for their shoddy customer service. How they get away with it, we don’t know. But here are five companies known for dreadful call center customer service. Our sympathies if you’re a customer.

1. Comcast

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Comcast has a reputation for truly terrible customer service | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

No call center horror stories are more frequent than those involving Comcast. The cable provider has already won the title of one of the most hated companies in America, and a lot of that has to do with how it treats its customers. The company was caught red-handed in 2014 with its heavy-handed retention tactics when a phone operator essentially interrogated journalist Ryan Block, who recorded the call. It’s also allegedly managed to get a former customer fired, and even told a widow that her dead husband needed to cancel service. Really.

Comcast claims that it’s working on improving customer service, telling the New York Post that it believes recent investments in improving the call center experience are helping it to stem the loss of subscribers to online streaming services. We’ll see: A thread on Reddit for shoddy Comcast experiences still seems way too active.