11 of the Worst Jobs for a Relationship

A tired mother handles her baby

A tired mother holds her baby | iStock.com/Highwaystarz-Photography

“Honey, I’m home,” you say as you walk through the door after a long day at work. What type of reception do you receive from your significant other? Do you get the feeling that your S.O. is thanking his or her lucky stars that you made it home safely? Or is he or she asking you a million questions about where you were all day, what you did, and the details of every single conversation you had?

If you feel as though you’re under investigation each day, as though you’re placing too much worry on your significant other, or if your job causes a lot of arguments, your job and your relationship might not match up so well. Some careers are tougher on relationships than others.

Using data on divorce rates and job stress, we’ve created a list of careers that make the work-love life balance a lot harder. And when we talk about jobs that are tough on a relationship, we’re not only referring to the obvious ones (think exotic dancer); you may not expect some of these careers to throw salt on your relationship game. Let’s check out the 11 worst jobs for a relationship.

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