3 Ways Your Co-Workers May Be Slowing You Down at Work

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Sometimes, co-workers are on top of things. They turn in projects on time — maybe even early — and they make our lives easier. Since they perform similar tasks to us for 40 hours out of the week, oftentimes, we have things in common with our co-workers. They may be acquaintances of ours, even friends. Other times, co-workers are completely irritating. They may seldom get their work done, maybe they slack off, and make our lives more difficult while we’re at work.

Have you ever played the blame game at work? “If Jim would have had his report to me by 2 o’ clock, I would have had mine ready by 5,” you think to yourself. Well, it turns out, a new study reveals that your blame game claims may, in fact, just be valid. Well, in some cases, at least.

Sure, co-workers engage us in conversations and sometimes take our minds off the task at hand. But they can slow us down for reasons that go beyond simply telling us stories about their new house, or complaining about how much their significant other is annoying them.

Taskworld is a task management platform that is designed to promote collaboration, facilitate delegation, and organize projects. Recently, Taskworld surveyed 1,000 adults to study how co-workers impact productivity in the workplace. The results of the survey (which you can view here) indicate that our co-worker’s actions can affect us more than we may even imagine. A few workers who lack efficiency can actually have a ripple effect on the entire office — including you.