4 High-Value Jobs That Don’t Pay Nearly Enough

It’s great to have a job that makes you feel like you are making a difference. Some jobs can even change other people’s lives, and it’s hard to imagine many things that could provide as much satisfaction as helping others. Many jobs that really help change lives for the better pay wonderfully, including jobs in the medical and science fields.

Unfortunately, many jobs that change lives pay very little, like positions in the education sector. It would make sense if every teacher, firefighter, police officer, and any other position that really helped save or improve lives paid a lot. But this often isn’t the case, and unfortunately, many of the most important jobs pay next to nothing.

Here are four jobs that have the potential to positively influence the lives of others but pay very little compared to other careers.

Source: Thinkstock

1. Personal care aides

Many jobs in the medical or health care industry pay a lot, but this usually isn’t true for personal care aides. People who choose to become a personal care aide often help those who have disabilities or who are elderly. The help may take place in a group home, other facility, or in the person’s home. The work that these aides do includes helping with food, cleaning, chores, and sometimes, self-care.

People who work as personal care aides have to be sympathetic, considerate, and patient, and they often face grueling tasks and hours. Yet the mean hourly wage for this occupation is only $10.09. This is surprising, considering that these workers are taking care of others and truly are trying to provide a better life — or at least bring respect and happiness to the people they work with.