4 Phones That May Just Be Worth the Price

source -- Janitors, Flickr

Source: Janitors / Flickr Creative Commons

Americans replace their cell phones every two years or so on average. Searching for the latest and greatest technology while on the hunt for a new device, you may look for increased speed, battery life, screen size, resolution, or the hottest new features. Millions of Americans rushed out to purchase iPhones in 2010 and 2011, when Siri, iOS 5, and iCloud were among the new and exciting features.

For someone who purchased an iPhone 4S for a price of $300 and resold that device two years later, was this phone worth the cost? Considering a resale value of around $120 for a device in good condition, a purchaser ended up paying $90 per year, or $7.50 per month, to own his or her own iPhone 4S. Considering this amount is less than many people spend in a given week on their morning coffee, it may very well be a worthwhile expense.

When you’re looking for a phone that’s worth it, what do you look for? With sites such as Gazelle and Usell now providing an easy means by which a device owner can sell an old phone, future cell phone resale values are actually a factor to consider.

We have complied a list of devices that appear to be worth their price. To determine the candidates, we examined features, lifespan, owner reviews, and resale values of current and previous editions. Phones that are considered worth their price are those that should last longer than the two-year contract term and get you a little money back to invest in a new device.