5 Affordable Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning During the Summer

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

School is out (or about to be), and kids and parents are facing a long summer ahead. Summer is full of fun activities, like swimming, barbequing, and extra family time without so many designated activities. However, because school is out, children don’t get the same academic structure, and as many opportunities for learning, as they do when school is in session. Some parents worry that their children won’t keep their brains active and engaged in the same way they do during the school year. Parents don’t need to sit their kids down for hours each day and teach them the different core subjects. Luckily, there are many affordable and fun ways to encourage kids to keep learning, even during the summertime.

1. Have your child use work books

While you certainly don’t need to sit your child down and require that they complete eight hours of work each day during the summer, encouraging them to use academic workbooks is a great way to keep them in the pattern of quiet work (like teachers require during the day and for homework.) Academic books don’t have to be boring; look for a workbook that your child will enjoy. Workbooks that encourage kids to learn about many different subjects are best, but you can also choose a book that focuses on a trouble area for your child. Even if your child spends an hour each week day working in their workbook, they will be spending five hours per week maintaining the academic work routine that they learned in school.

A survey by the National Summer Learning Association found that 66 percent of teachers polled felt that it took them at least three to four weeks to re-teach the previous year’s skills after the summer was over, so you will really be helping your child stay on track, and maybe helping their teacher as well.