5 Dream Jobs That Make Us Jealous

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Wake up at 6:30 a.m. (ish), get ready for work, drive to work in traffic, work from 8 to 5, check your email and social media throughout the day, get off work, drive home in traffic, get home, relax and have some dinner, go to bed and do it all over again. Many refer to this as the grind.

Of course, there may be some variation in the grind for some of you, who drop children off at school or childcare, work from home, or maybe some of you enjoy a morning run, but overall, most of us have similar patterns.

Eighty-three percent of the employed population over the age of 15 works weekdays, and 34 percent have to work at least one weekend day, according to Labor Statistics. Adults between the ages of 25 and 54 (with children) spend over one-third of each of these days (8.8 hours) on work and work-related activities.

For some of us, the work portion of our day is exciting. We love our jobs, and we feel a sense of accomplishment, appreciation, even thrill from taking on a work project and seeing it through to its completion. For others, work is laborious, frustrating, and mind-numbing. The thing that gets some of us through each day is the thought of it being over, and of course, the need for a paycheck.

Whether we hate our careers or love them, there are always those jobs we see and think to ourselves, “Wow, that would be a really cool job to have.” These are the types of jobs included on this list (which is not in any particular order). The responsibilities and duties that come along with some of the jobs on this list sound almost too good to be true.