5 Home Renovations That May Be Foolish Investments

Spending money on house | Source: Thinkstock

Increasing potential buyer motivation is a primary reason for most renovations. Many homeowners reno their houses so they can enjoy a nicer home now and sell their property for a higher profit later.

A renovation can make almost any house go from shabby to chic. When a home has ugly wallpaper, a 1970s kitchen, or brown shag carpet, it may deter potential buyers from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of their hard-earned cash on a property where they can’t see potential.

But when that home is gutted and you add some granite counters, travertine tile, hardwood floors, and crown molding, it’s a bit easier for a buyer to picture him or herself living in the updated home.

While some remodels, like decks and minor kitchen facelifts, are almost always winners, there are a handful of renovations that are more trouble that they’re worth. These are renos that will not earn you any type of significant return, and they could even end up costing you. Using information from Bankrate, HGTV, and supplemental reports, we found some of the worst home renovations in the following pages.