5 Mistakes Even Good Bosses Can Make

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

We all make mistakes sometimes; it’s impossible to avoid. However, many of us try hard not to make mistakes because we worry about our job security. A large mistake at work can mean the difference between a steady job and being back out in the job market, so it’s important to work hard and avoid as many mistakes as possible. While employees often worry about upsetting their bosses, sometimes we forget that even bosses make mistakes.

Depending on the boss you have, they may be reluctant to admit when they make mistakes (but chances are that if they have their own boss, they will be accountable to that person). Some bosses don’t even realize that they make mistakes, but of course, they do. There are some mistakes that are truly detrimental to a working relationship with employees. Here are five mistakes that bosses make that can negatively affect a work atmosphere.

1. Not being a leader

Leadership qualities should be one of the first traits that a boss regularly displays. A boss needs to be able to lead subordinates in multiple ways, including leading meetings, leading projects, establishing rules, and managing problems in a department or team. Many bosses also need to be able to distribute tasks, confidently work with clients, and build relationships. All of these tasks require strong leadership qualities, and a good leader also needs to be confident, trustworthy, and empowering. A boss who regularly neglects responsibilities, drops the ball on important meetings, fails to listen to employees, or displays qualities that are not leadership-worthy (such as saying that employees should do one thing, but doing something else) is failing as a boss.