5 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Trying to Sell Your House

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

5. Picking the wrong realtor

Speaking of realtors, if you plan to use one, make sure you choose carefully. According to Realtor.com, your choice should be based on recommendations about the agent’s communication skills as well as their attention to detail. It’s also important to consider the realtor’s training and designations. You also should pay attention to your impression about the realtors that you are considering; if you are uncomfortable with a certain realtor, or a particular person seems too busy or hurried to listen to your concerns, you probably don’t want that person to be your realtor. If you choose a realtor who is too busy to market your house, give regular open houses, and work with potential buyers, you may have to wait longer to sell your house.

These are just a few mistakes that you might make while trying to sell your house. It’s easy to get attached to your home and to want the best possible outcome while selling it, but don’t get too involved. Remember to price it properly, pay attention to your home’s curb appeal and issues that need to be fixed, and find the right realtor.

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