5 Surefire Ways to Short-Circuit a Career

We all dream of having a long, fruitful work career, including promotions, raises, and eventually, a happy and comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, not all of us will achieve that dream. Just getting a job can be difficult, and once we have a job, most of us want to keep it, at least until something better comes along. Some of us were told as kids that as long as we worked hard, remained loyal and honest employees, and put in our hours, we would continue to progress in our careers and have a satisfying work life.

Unfortunately, these habits won’t guarantee your career, especially if you are making some critical mistakes that can derail your career. Certain behaviors will quickly turn you away from the advancing career that you want and instead, short-circuit your career. The following five behaviors will leave you starting over or remaining stagnant in your job, with no real hope for advancement.

1. Swearing at work

While swearing at work might be commonplace and might even make you feel more chummy or comfortable with your co-workers, it isn’t a good idea if you want to advance regularly in your career. While you don’t want to appear like a cold fish, you can bond with your co-workers and your boss through more respectful means, like sharing appropriate stories, and, most of all, doing a good job and working together to succeed at your company.

A 2012 Career Builder survey found that employees who frequently swear might be losing out on promotions. Sixty-four percent of employers surveyed said they’d think less of an employee who swore regularly, and 57 percent said they’d be less likely to promote someone with that behavior. So if you regularly swear at work and you think you are building a stronger relationship with your boss because of it, you might want to think again.