5 Tips to Help Negotiate Your Salary

Source: Thinkstock

Receiving a job offer is exciting, no matter how much work experience you have and especially if you receive an offer for the first new job you applied to. Unfortunately, sometimes the salary that comes with the offer isn’t as appealing as the offer itself, and negotiation may be required. Negotiating a salary is tricky business: You don’t want to undervalue your skills and experience by asking for too little, but you also don’t want to ask for too much and scare off the employer.

Salary negotiation can happen smoothly, but it often takes specific steps to get there. Companies usually have a limit to just how much they can offer you, and the employer or human resources liaison will probably be hoping that you require less. If you want to negotiate the best salary for you in the right way, here are five tips to try.

1. Know your worth

One of the strongest negotiation tools you have includes knowing your experience and skills, and knowing just how much you are worth. The first step is to consider sites like Salary.com, because you can compare what similar jobs in your area pay. You also should factor in your own unique experience and skills. You already know that if the company offered you a job, they want you, so that is a plus. Now, you have to determine if they can pay you what you are worth and what number actually fits your worth. If the company gives you a lowball offer and you can say that people with similar experience and education in the are area making more, you will be in a better place to negotiate.