5 Types of Personal Finance Blogs to Check Out

It’s important to keep your personal finances in order, and reading articles about how to manage your personal finances is a great way to start. There are several sites and resources available online that provide useful tips as well as general information. Personal finance apps are another effective way to manage your personal finances: these apps can help you pay bills, keep track of your accounts, increase your savings, learn about and make investment decisions, and more.

Another great tool for keeping up with personal finance topics is to check out personal finance blogs. Sometimes bloggers have a unique take on personal finance matters and can provide interesting insight on relevant topics. Many blogs are broken down by age or life stage (like motherhood or business), which can also be helpful. Here are five types of personal finance blogs that you should check out, by category.

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1. Reading about various personal finance topics

CreditLoan.com is a great personal finance blog if you want to read about various topics. Topics include mortgage and refinance loans, credit cards, student loans, credit reports, and more. The information available under each category is substantial, from basics like explaining what a credit card is to much more specific information and answers to common questions. Readers can also submit questions via email and have them answered. The site also has many links to other blogs that are helpful.

Get Rich Slowly is another helpful personal finance blog. The blog posts cover a wide variety of subjects and definitely provide interesting points to consider. This site is very much what most people think of when they hear the word “blog”; it is broken down into categories, and under each category are several topics. This blog has a lot of useful information, and if you like to read about personal finance, you will enjoy this site.