5 Ways to Say No to Peer-Pressure Spending

When you have friends who have a lot of money or who just spend more money than they should, it can be hard to say no to a fun night out. We all want to spend time with our friends and feel like we are taking part in group activities and events, but saying yes to everything can get very expensive.

You also may spend more than you normally would when you are out with your friends. Saying no is hard enough when you are missing out on an activity, but it is common to feel the need to compete or match your friends’ spending when you are actually with them. However, there are several ways you can say no to excessive spending without missing out on all the fun.

1. Make an alternate suggestion

If your friends repeatedly go out to bars or restaurants and you can only afford to do this every few weeks, suggest something else. If it’s nice out, look over the community calendar and see if any bands are playing a free show; many communities offer concerts on the lawn during summer months. Depending on the venue, alcohol may or may not be allowed (it is allowed at many private vineyards or other private venues), and obviously you would have to be courteous to other concertgoers, but you would save a lot of money by bringing your own drinks.

Many friends enjoy progressive dinners, where you go from one house to another for different parts of the meal. If your friends like fancy dinners, throw a progressive dinner into your schedule once in a while. Or simply get together at someone’s house, hang out, and watch a television show finale or a sporting event. Suggesting alternatives will show that you want to spend time with your friends, even if your wallet can’t handle the same amount of spending as theirs can.