5 Ways to Succeed at Your First Full-Time Job

Whether you’re going straight into the workforce from high school or heading into a full-time job after college, your success at your first real job will help define your future advancement. Part-time jobs are important in getting experience, and internships help you learn valuable work skills — they also sometimes help you get your foot in the door or meet someone who can set you up with a job.

However, your first full-time job will give you the chance to show just how motivated and committed a worker you are. Acing your first full-time job will increase your chances of moving up at your company and also potentially help you get an even better job outside of your company. First jobs come with stress, though, because of the demands, the schedule, and the newness. Here are five ways you can increase your chance of success.

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1. Be on time and commit to your job

You should be on time for any job or meeting, but this is particularly important for your first job. The first few months you should make it a priority to be on time each day — you should really try to arrive at work early, and do the same for meetings.

Try your best not to request any time off unless you have an emergency. Many companies have policies about requesting time off during the probationary period or first few months, but even if your company doesn’t, you will look better and more committed if you make it to work on time each day and avoid taking time off. Your first job is an important aspect of your resume, and you want to make a good impression. When you are ready to have a vacation, be sure that you are progressing well in your job and consistently working hard, then ask early if you can and be flexible with your dates if possible.