6 Affordable Activities to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Summer is coming! School is almost over, the sun is out more often, and temperatures are getting warmer. Soon your kids will be ready for fun summer activities. There are so many great things you can do in the summer, including road trips, summer camps, and more; however, many of these activities can get very expensive, especially if you are already paying for summer day care. There are many activities that are fun and affordable though, and your kids will really enjoy them.

Summer is a great time to get outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to sign your child up for every camp available; many children love camp, but they also enjoy time with their parents, and yes, even their siblings. There are also some great indoor activities you can do during the super hot days. So check out these ideas, get out your planner, and get ready for a fun summer!

1. Explore the great outdoors

Camps and sports are great, and you should involve your child in these activities if you want to. However, your child will benefit from time with you outside as well. There are many activities you can do outside that are completely free. Most kids love parks; you can make a park trip even more fun by bringing a picnic. You can also add a new twist to parks, particularly if you have young children; consider doing a park tour where you go to a different park each week. This will work whether you are home with your kids during the day, or they are in day care, because you can take them on the weekends or in the evening when it is cooler. You can also include a scavenger hunt and bring fun activities for older kids to do while younger kids play.

Many kids love to hike; consider taking your kids on a hiking adventure. Just make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, snacks, and water. Many kids also love camping; although this isn’t always free, it is usually affordable. Test drive your plans by having the kids try sleeping in a tent in your backyard first.