6 Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving the House

Source: Thinkstock

Are you looking for some ways to earn a little extra money each month? If so, you’ve got plenty of options, many of which won’t even require a commute. From cleaning up your clutter to finding ways to utilize your skills, you’d be surprised at the household items you can use to earn money. Here are six ways you can boost your monthly budget without leaving the house. 

1. Recycling

Yes, it’s environmentally friendly and great for the planet, but recycling is also a good way to make a little extra money. If you’re looking to get a little creative with your recycling, try selling wine corks. Selling corks won’t make you rich, but you should earn enough to treat yourself to a tasty lunch or another bottle of wine. EBay is a great place to list wine corks you want to sell; many crafters and businesses use old corks and will pay for them. Investopedia writes that you can expect around five cents per cork, or you can try selling them in bulk if you have enough saved up. You can also send them to Yemm & Hart Green Materials, a company that recycles corks and will pay you for them. You must send at least 10 pounds worth of corks, and the corks must be “pure” cork — no synthetic or plastic ones are accepted. 

Have you ever received a gift card or two that you’re never going to use? You can send them to Gift Card Rescue, a company that takes unused gift cards and sends you money for them. The company will reimburse you for up to 92 percent of the gift card’s total. You can also consider selling your cooking oil. As strange as it may seem, there are recycling centers and biodiesel firms that will gladly pay for used cooking oil. Start by looking at your local Craigslist page for ads soliciting oil. When you do find someone willing to buy it, you can except to get anywhere from 33 cents to 66 cents per gallon, per Investopedia.

2. Garage Sales

When it comes to garage sales, remain realistic with your prices, and don’t try to recoup more than 25 percent of the original retail price, writes Daily Finance. If your item is brand new, you may be able to get a bit more for it. Also consider teaming up with neighbors or other family members to make the garage sale bigger, and run an ad in the newspaper letting people know about your big ticket items.

While you’re at it, you can also sell your excess furniture. You have a few options here. First, you could sell your furniture at your garage sale with everything else. But if some of your bigger pieces don’t sell, consider posting the furniture online using a site such as Craigslist, which lets you post large items for free. If you’re going to use Craigslist, always insist on a cash transaction, so you don’t stress about checks bouncing. You could also consider using a consignment shop to sell your furniture — just expect to split the profit.