7 Apps to Help You Invest Like a Professional

Market analysts typically tell investors to ignore the daily chatter of stock markets worldwide, but new apps for smartphones and tablets are making it hard to resist staying abreast of the latest financial news. There’s something to be said for a program that allows you to follow the economic whims of the free market in real time.

Whether you buy and hold for the long term or trade several times a day, these seven apps will help keep you informed and your portfolio updated.

Cutting-edge apps in the smartphone and tablet markets are changing the way investors make decisions and follow the complexities of the financial industry. Use any — or all – of the following apps to make sure your portfolio is as strong as it can possibly be.

Source: Motif Investing via YouTube

1. Motif

Motif from Motif Investing gives traders a creative new way to buy and sell stocks and ETFs. Instead of making several separate orders to buy each individual stock, investors can create “motifs,” which are bundles of up to 30 stocks and ETFs (each motif must be a minimum of $250).

The analysts at Motif Investing also create pre-made motifs for investors, each centered around a different theme or industry. For example, you could purchase a motif made entirely of companies with female CEOs, companies with high dividends, or companies that focus on social gaming. To learn more about a Motif really is, watch this video.

  • Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free