8 Ways to Save Money When Shopping For Food

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Grocery stores are notorious for tricking customers into spending more money. From displays set out to lure you into buying more to items made to appear as though they’re on sale, your grocery store will do everything in its power to trick you into spending as much as possible. Not only can you avoid falling for these tricks, but you can learn how to outsmart stores, ensuring you save money each time you enter a supermarket. Here are eight ways you can start saving at the checkout aisle.

1. Know how to use ads

You know all of those weekly ads you find stuffed inside your mailbox? Start taking time to look through them. You can also find store’s weekly ads — otherwise known as circulars — on their websites or (typically) at the front of the stores. There are always a few items sold at or below the normal price to help lure shoppers in. You’ll find these items featured on the front of a store’s circular, according to Kiplinger.

If the featured items can be frozen, will keep for a while or can be used in several meals, stock up. But also be wary when looking through the circular. Not all of these items are actually on sale. Kiplinger writes that some of the items are put there as a way to trick customers into paying full price. If it’s in the circular but doesn’t have a shelf sticker, it isn’t on sale. If you start utilizing coupons, you can save around 10 percent on your groceries, which amounts to an annual savings of $970 per year, per My Money Coach.