Feeling OK? 4 of the Most Expensive Office Illnesses

Around 61 percent of workers are covered by some sort of sick leave plan. Sick leave and other types of leave plans cost employers around $2 per hour per employee, and the average sick leave plan provides eight days of leave, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Not only do office illnesses cost employers money in the form of paid sick leave and absences among employees, but being sick costs you money, as well. This cost comes in the form of missed work days, doctor visits, medication, and other treatments. Being sick also lowers your productivity, and you often pass the bug to others around the office.

Some illnesses, though, come with a higher cost than others. This list of expensive common illnesses includes sicknesses that require you to miss several days of work: some have high treatment costs or they affect mass amounts of workers each year.

Source: Thinkstock

1. Food borne illness

Everyone at one point or another has had some experience with a stomach bug. The most common culprit people blame for these terrible sicknesses is “something they ate” or “lunch from an unclean restaurant.”

According to the Partnership for Food Safety Education, one of the more common food borne illnesses, salmonella, costs $2.65 billion annually in medical costs, time away from work, and even premature death. E. coli comes with a cost of $478 million annually.

When you contract a food borne illness, an initial visit to the doctor ranges from around $138 to $206, and if you need to visit the hospital, you’re looking at a cost of around $2,400 for an ER visit, according to Healthcare Blue Book.