Home Ownership 101: 5 Landscaping Jobs You Can Do Yourself

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

There’s nothing like driving up to a friend or colleague’s house for the first time, only to notice that their shrubs are pruned perfectly, and that their walkway is lined with flowers. Proper landscaping is beautiful and eye-catching, and if done right, it can significantly add to a home’s perceived value because it is usually the first thing that people see when they walk by, drive by, or tour your home. Not only does attractive landscaping sometimes attract buyers, but many home owners find that having beautiful landscaping can turn their yard into a haven from their busy lives.

Although you can always hire a landscaper, many landscaping projects can easily be done yourself, and often it can be more affordable. Whether you are hoping to pull buyers in so that you can sell your house, or you just want a more beautiful yard, here are five landscaping projects that you can do yourself.

1. Fix the mess

Sometimes people want to jump into a big landscaping project that they think will make their yard more beautiful, but if your yard is straggly or full of weeds, you need to tackle that problem first. Most buyers or visitors to your home will be turned off by too many obvious weeds, so get rid of those first. Also make sure that your grass is healthy and dense, which can actually prevent weeds from growing because it will block the sunlight that the weeds need to grow. In addition to growing healthy grass and eliminating weeds, make sure that any landscaping that already existed, is clean and pleasant to look at. This means that if your stone walkway is being overrun by tree roots or glaring weeds, you need to fix that problem. Even the most beautiful landscaping won’t fully mask projects that need your attention.