How Married Couples Can Get the Most Out of Social Security

Source: Thinkstock

Determining when and how you’re going to begin receiving Social Security benefits is a big decision. It can impact your entire retirement because the age you apply for benefits directly affects the amount you receive. And if you’re married, ensuring you plan together is crucial, especially because there are a couple of strategies that can help boost your income.

These strategies have recently received a bad rap, particularly with the Obama administration claiming the wealthy use them to “manipulate” their Social Security decisions. But they’re completely legal, and financial planners often recommend these strategies to their clients.

“It’s not just for rich people,” William Meyer, co-founder of, a fee-based service that helps people maximize benefits, told Reuters. “For many middle-income American couples, it’s a great strategy for the highest earner to get the delayed credit as high as possible.”

Ready to see what you can do to help maximize your benefits? Take a look at the two strategies being used and promoted throughout the country.